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COVID-19 Update

PhysioFit is a primary health care provider and will remain open through the various COVID 19 phases as an essential service.

PhysioFit has been open throughout the COVID 19 pandemic operating with strict screening and health and safety protocols in place to ensure the health and safety of our PhysioFit team and our valued clients.

PhysioFit COVID 19 Protocols:
  • Clients receive the COVID 19 screening questions and protocols when appointments are booked and 36 hours in advance of their appointment advising they are to cancel their appointment if they answer YES to any of the screening questions leading up to their scheduled appointment.
  • COVID 19 signage including COVID 19 screen, Face Mask Requirements, and signage to advise no one is to enter the clinic if they are feeling unwell are posted on the front entrance of the clinic.
  • Detailed COVID 19 protocols are posted in the vestibule before clients enter the physical clinic area.
  • All clients must wear a face mask that covers their nose and mouth before entering the clinic and for the duration of their treatment. (Any and all treatments that would require the removal of a face mask have been suspended until further notice.)
  • All clients must bring a pair of indoor shoes to every appointment.
  • Upon entry clients must complete a COVID 19 screen, clients must answer NO to all questions, then sign a COVID 19 attestation to that effect.
  • All client’s temperatures are taken upon entry.
  • All personal belongings must be placed in a bin for the duration of their appointment.
  • All equipment used throughout the treatment is placed in a designated bin to be sanitized by a team member and returned to its proper location.
PhysioFit – what we are doing to ensure the health and safety of our clients and our team:
  • All team members have reviewed and follow a detailed COVID 19 protocol and daily procedure guide.
  • All team members complete a daily COVID 19 screen upon arrival and sign a COVID 19 attestation.
  • All team members have their temperatures taken upon arrival.
  • All team members enter the clinic wearing a face mask.
  • All team members are provided with Surgical grade Level 2 face masks and examination gloves to be worn at all times. Protective eyewear is available if required.
  • Hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes are located throughout the clinic. Hospital grade hand soap for team members and hand soap in client washrooms. Signs detailing proper hand washing technique are in all washrooms.
  • All equipment, treatment beds etc. are sanitized after each client. All high touch surfaces are sanitized throughout the day.
  • A Medical/Surgical grade air purification and air filtration system has been installed in the clinic.

COVID 19 Screening Infographic

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PhysioFit Clinic is Relocating

Thank you for considering PhysioFit for your rehabilitation needs. PhysioFit is currently relocating  and we'll be updating our website with our reopen date and new location shortly. If you would like to book an appointment when we reopen please complete the form on the Book Appointment page, and we will reach out to you shortly.

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