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PhysioFit’s strength is in their assessment and treatment delivery. Traditional therapy taught in mainstream physiotherapy school has focused on the treating the symptoms of a person’s injury. Diagnosing an injury has been at the forefront of the medical/healthcare practice. At PhysioFit, we take it to the next level and ask the question “why is that area painful”? This is a much more demanding approach as it warrants the therapist has a keen awareness of human biomechanics and an in depth knowledge of human movement anatomy and physiology.

PhysioFit uses a biomechanical approach to assessment and treatment. Finding what parts of the body aren’t functioning properly and why is essential in delivering the right treatment plan. Focusing on the painful symptoms is a temporary measure only and provides a disservice for the client. Treatment of symptoms in some cases is necessary, but until the driver of the pain is identified and treated, the pain ultimately stay away.

PhysioFit offers Competitive Strengths

PhysioFit therapists are committed to their profession, and to always be at the top of their game by exceeding the maximum continuing education units required by the College of Physiotherapists. Continuing education courses rooted in manual therapy, strength and conditioning and athletic training. This is to ensure a comprehensive and current treatment of all their clients.

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PhysioFit employs individuals that have strong exercise training and athletic backgrounds. If PhysioFit’s goal is to take a client from an injured state and not only bring them back to where they started but rather a higher level of fitness, it had better employ personnel that know fitness. When it comes to fitness, a trainer must not only be knowledgeable but practiced. This engages, convicts and motivates the client to reach their goals. PhysioFit is extremely confident in that what we are delivering is based on scientific principle.

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PhysioFit therapists will exhaust every avenue to see their clients improve. Because of their approach of test and re-testing the injured area after a treatment technique, proves that they will continue to search for the main mechanism of pain. Too often physiotherapy clinics fall in a rut of using the same treatment technique over and over again without even asking how the client is doing. By properly evaluating and treating the dysfunctional segment or region and then immediately returning to see if the pain has decreased or if motion has increased is unique to the profession. Most often, therapists if they are hands on therapists will work with an area and then send them to the gym for exercises without seeing if the technique was effective. PhysioFit constantly re-checks the painful area to see if there has been a clinically significant change. If there hasn’t, then move to another area, because it is likely not the source of the symptoms. PhysioFit therapists keep looking because they want their patients to improve.

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On top of the aforementioned strengths, PhysioFit therapists are exceptionally compassionate. We only want the best for our clients and to see improvement in their physical mobility and fitness level is rewarding in itself. PhysioFit uses the doctrine “A client doesn’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”.

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