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Photo of Stuart Wakefield, Registered Kinesiologist

Stuart Wakefield, Registered Kinesiologist

Stuart has been a Registered Kinesiologist in Ontario since the inception of the College in 2013. His main focus has been treating movement dysfunctions as a result of acute injuries, chronic pain, or to simply improve one’s overall efficiency in movement and sport.

A graduate of The University of Guelph in Kinesiology and Humber College in Fitness and Health, Stuart has been working as a personal trainer and now as a Kinesiologist for 10 years. In 2014, Stuart’s passion for continuing education led him to the Evidence Based Fitness Academy where he trained under podiatrist Dr. Emily Splichal, and became certified as a Master Instructor for teaching the Barefoot Training Specialist workshops to fellow fitness and rehabilitation professionals. As a result, this has had a dramatic effect on how he treats his own clients. With a focus on the foot as the foundation to human movement, Stuart assesses and treats his clients based on foot and lower extremity assessments as well as gait assessments.

As someone who has experienced major foot surgery, Stuart understands the importance of having a stable foundation in order to maximize efficiency. This form of treatment can have a major impact on all age groups and athletes for injury rehabilitation, injury prevention and enhanced athletic performance.

Stuart grew up as an athlete and enjoys to play basketball and baseball recreationally to this day. He currently lives in Essex with his wife, Sarah, and their daughter, Clare.

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