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Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy

The Pelvic Floor

The pelvic floor muscles form the base of the pelvis. It resembles a hammock holding together the pubic bone anteriorly and the coccyx posteriorly. In women, they surround the uterus, vagina and anus, while in men it surrounds the urethra and the anus. They function just like any other muscle in your body and can get weak and develop increased muscle tone and so need to be worked on.

The Pelvic Floor muscles have an important role in:

  • Controlling urine, flatulence and stool
  • Supporting the pelvic organs
  • Stabilizing the core
  • Sexual function
A diagram of the Pelvic Floor for men and women

Physiotherapy Specializing in Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation

A physiotherapist has the competencies and the knowledge for evaluating the situation, giving their impression of the problem and cause of the problem, followed by a treatment plan to treat the dysfunctions of the pelvic floor muscles. The objective of pelvic floor rehabilitation, is to normalize the function of the muscles in order to optimize the systems of the pelvis.

Certain health problems of the pelvic region are often forgotten and silenced. Yet, it affects the quality of life of both men and women, as well as some children.

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